Reorganization at SF State

 The latest 6 college reorganization plan has now been approved by over two-thirds of the faculty in a referendum.     The reorganization is happening mostly due to the need to cut the budget, but there is also a sense that this is the organization that is most appropriate for the future of the University.

In this reorganization, departments within the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences will be split into three different colleges.

The old plan put Public Administration into the College of Business, which we did not think was a good fit.   Working with the President and Provost, we urged a different site for Public Administration.   They worked hard at trying to fit department desires with the need to reduce administrative overhead– a this new plan emerged as a result.

Since the referendum was completed, the reorganization is now official and will take place beginning on July 1, 2011.

Since the new plan emerged, the faculty have been working with the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement and the Gerontology and Environmental Studies Programs to put together a School (names are still uncertain, but we prefer School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement [SPACE]).

How do these plans affect the Department of Public Administration and the MPA Program?    Well, faculty and staff will be the ones who will feel most of the impact but it is unlikely students will notice a great deal.   We hope there will be some really great synergies between the units in this new school that will add to new energy in our research, service, teaching and fund development.

We will keep you posted on this fast-moving process…