Adding Service Learning to Nonprofit Management Curriculum

Dr. Jennifer Shea was awarded a Community Engaged Faculty Scholar Grant from SF State’s Institute of Civic and Community Engagement, to support the development of a community service learning component for PA 745:  Administration of Nonprofit Organizations.  Amy Farah Weiss, who received an MA in Organizational Development & Training (Interdisciplinary Studies) from SF State, is serving as curriculum development consultant for the project.  Weiss is working to integrate a community service learning component with current course content, primarily organized around four broad topics that are particularly salient for nonprofit managers — organizational forms & structures; organizational culture & change; internal and external communications; and ethical management (including accountability and performance measures).  The service learning component will provide students with the experiential learning opportunity to focus in-depth on one or more aspects of nonprofit administration through a semester-long partnership with a local nonprofit.  Through this work, students will gain first-hand experience with issues commonly encountered by nonprofit administrators, consultants, and researchers.  In addition to the curriculum development component, the grant funds are: (1) enabling us to purchase key nonprofit management resource books that will be available as additional resources for students in the course and (2) allowing us to develop a web-based knowledge management site with the assistance of outside expertise.  PA 745 will be offered next in Spring 2012; stay tuned for more information on our progress.


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