New Faculty Member Coming Fall 2012– Dr. Ernie Joaquin!

Dr. Ernie Joaquin

Dr. Ernita (Ernie) Joaquin will be joining the Public Administration faculty at SF State in Fall 2012.  Dr. Joaquin will teach our existing courses in intergovernmental relations, urban administration, and organizational behavior as well as add courses in contracting, network governance and decision-making.   Her Fall 2012 teaching assignment will be PA 700: Introduction to Public Administration and Policy.

Her research interests are around the questions of performance measurement in the era of collaboration, emerging forms of government as government becomes “hollowed”, and the adaptation of institutions to fiscal stress-driven public policies.


Dr. Joaquin comes to us from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas after receiving her Ph.D. at Northern Illinois University.  She brings practitioner work experience in local government and NGO consulting in the Philippines.

When not working, Dr. Joaquin is an avid bird watcher and photographer– here are some of her photos!

We look forward to welcoming Dr. Joaquin this coming Fall!


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