155 Attended the Navigating the IRS Workshop

On Thursday, April 26, 2012, 155 nonprofit professionals and board members – primarily those responsible for nonprofit accounting, tax preparation, and legal compliance – attended the Navigating the IRS Workshop for Public Charities at Seven Hills Conference Center on SF State’s main campus.  A partnership between the IRS Exempt Organizations division and the Nonprofit Management Certificate Program, the purpose of the workshop was to educate those in attendance about recent changes to filing requirements for the IRS 990 form, the tax information form nonprofits must file each year.  Led by IRS specialists from the Exempt Organizations division, the workshop reviewed the changes to filing requirements and related compliance issues.  The speakers were impressed with the quality and quantity of questions from those in attendance, and many attendees said this was “the best” training they had taken part it, both in terms of the quality of information and the creativity and styles of the presenters.

Several MPA students were in attendance as participants in the workshop and several others were instrumental in making the event run smoothly.  A special thanks goes out to our Director of Academic Services, Bridget McCracken, and MPA students (all soon-to be graduates) Charlie MacNulty, Trever Pearson, and Regina Gieler, who joined us at Seven Hills and help set-up, clean-up, and get the attendees registered in a timely fashion.  Another MPA student, Holly Szafarek, was vital to the success of the workshop and worked closely with me (Dr. Jennifer Shea) and my colleagues in the College of Extended Learning to plan the workshop and coordinate the related details.

For those of us who are interested in partnership and the roles of intermediary organizations in helping large governmental agencies reach small and mid-sized organizations, the success of this workshop has even greater meaning.  I’ve mentioned a few individuals and institutional partners that were essential to the workshop’s success, but there are too many to name them all here.  Thanks goes out to all who helped make the partnership successful!


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