New Draft of new Mission Statement– More Input Needed!

New Draft of Mission Statement from Discussion Forum on May 2 (we ran out of time for the last sentence)!  Thanks for all the input on the last draft of the Mission Statement.  We had lots of alums and students emailing us, talking in class and coming to our Discussion Forum– and we appreciated it all!  At the Discussion Forum, we took the input and tried to put it into a new draft, seen here:

The mission of the SF State MPA Program is to enhance individual and organizational capacity to serve the public and nonprofit sectors through engaged and innovative teaching, research and service.
•    We strive to teach effective policy analysis and program implementation by enriching students with the highest standards of knowledge and effective skills to inspire innovation and motivate continuous improvement.
•    As faculty and students, we work to provide applied research and service to the broader community.
•    We instill an appreciation for public service values like civic engagement, effectiveness, sustainability, inclusivity, accountability, equity and social justice.
They also suggested providing you with the actual text of the NASPAA Standard about values– so here it is:  NASPAA Standards re values: “The mission, governance, and curriculum of eligible programs shall demonstrably emphasize public service values. Public service values are important and enduring beliefs, ideals and principles shared by members of a community about what is good and desirable and what is not. They include pursuing the public interest with accountability and transparency; serving professionally with competence, efficiency, and objectivity; acting ethically so as to uphold the public trust; and demonstrating respect, equity, and fairness in dealings with citizens and fellow public servants. NASPAA expects an accreditable program to define the boundaries of the public service values it emphasizes, be they procedural or substantive, as the basis for distinguishing itself from other professional degree programs”.

Sooo now– we need more comments, please!


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