The Danish Summer: MPA Students Participate in First Ever Exchange Program

This summer, five MPA students spent an intense three weeks at Aarhus University in Denmark learning all about public-private partnerships (PPP), and of course soaking in the Danish culture.

legoThe Danish flag, made out of Legos at Legoland.

Class was held two full days a week, from 9am to 4pm, with a half-day schedule for group projects. Surprisingly, the class had a heavy focus on the legal framework of PPPs. Procurement, directives, articles and rules dominated the class discussion, giving us MPA students another point of view on the policy process.

classArticle 3 of the EU Public Sector Directive , and Professor Marta Andrecka

Fortunately, along with the SFSU MPA students, the class was filled with Danish law students. During group work, their perspective helped greatly, reminding us of legal concepts and rationale.

The class concluded with only one graded assignment: an oral exam. Professor Andrecka and an impartial third party who made sure student rights were not violated. Students chose three random questions out of a bag, and spoke to the Professor about the concepts. In total, the exam took twenty minutes.

While a very intense experience, with a healthy amount of reading and studying, the exchange program reminded this SF-based student of the larger global context. For anyone with the time and interest, this type of program will only add to your experience at SF State.

mpa studentsHappy SFSU MPA students before the exam


Veteran City Manager Rod Gould Visits Budgeting Class

Rod Gould, former city manager of Sta. Monica, Poway, San Rafael and Monrovia visited the SF State Budgeting class (PA 730) of Dr. Ernie Joaquin on September 4, 2015 and shared his insights in budget leadership and financial management. Gould is West Coast Vice President of the International City/ County Management Associating (ICMA) and served as President of the City Managers Department of the League of California Cities. “Thank you for the chance to speak. You have a fine class of students,” Gould said after the talk.Gould 730 lecture Fall 2015