ICMA Leaders Enhancing SF State’s MPA Program

The International City and County Management Association (ICMA) identifies leading practices in local government worldwide. Through its research, data, training, and professional development, ICMA addresses the needs of local governments and professionals serving small and large communities in 31 countries. Having three ICMA leaders on its advisory and teaching corps definitely enhances San Francisco State’s Public Administration program.

martel_photoFirst, Daly City Manager Patricia Martel is currently ICMA’s President. She was an ICMA Regional Vice President from 2009-2012 and has been serving in California local government for over 30 years. Pat guides the MPA program as a member of our Advisory Board. In 2013, she received our Outstanding Community Service Award.

GouldRodNext, Rod Gould, who taught with us in the past and is now renewing his connections with the program, has just completed his three-year term as ICMA West Coast Vice President and member of the Executive Board. Rod pushed for ICMA to elevate leadership to be co-equal with ethics as a pillar and requirement for membership, and will serve on the Committee to implement the recommendations. Rod also served its Committee for Professional Conduct, which enforces the ICMA Code of Ethics. His stint at ICMA “was an eye-opener, for sure,” according to Rod. Rod was featured last month in this blog for a talk he gave at our Budgeting (PA 730) class (please click here https://sfsumpa.wordpress.com/2015/09/09/veteran-city-manager-rod-gould-visits-budgeting-class/).

Last, but not the least, Glen Rojas, who currently teaches our Public Service Management (PA 740) course, seglenrves as the Senior Advisor to the County Managers in San Mateo County. “At times, managers find themselves in a position where they may need to bounce a serious situation off of someone they can trust that may have had a similar experience. They may prefer to go outside the organization for advice but stay within the profession. Other times they need support and resources to assist them with their transition.  ICMA has a number of resources available to managers,” according to Glen. Senior Advisors throughout California talk monthly to keep abreast of ICMA and share how their areas are going. “Being a Senior Advisor has been very beneficial to me as an instructor for SFSU.  I have resources to tap and I keep updates on the issues in the profession and local government” Glen shared.


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