Funding the Next Generations Statewide Conference


p1030425The Promise of Local Dedicated Funds for California’s Children, Funding the Next Generation’s second statewide conference, was held Monday, May 9 at San Francisco State University.

Funding the Next Generation, a program housed in the College of Health and Social Sciences and in partnership with The School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, started the initiative to promote local public funding streams dedicated to services for children, youth and their families. More than two years ago, it started a journey to capture the public’s growing understanding of the needs of children and the success of California’s local children’s funds in San Francisco and Oakland.

The group asked: Can local children’s funds become a way to ensure sustainable funding for services to children, youth and families? Can the creation p1030472of local children’s funds become a statewide movement? Join the conference to learn the findings and insights to date. Featured speakers included:

  • Governor Gavin Newsom, who as mayor of San Francisco oversaw the nation’s largest children’s fund, addressed his understanding of the benefits, challenges and opportunities of a local fund.
  • Celinda Lake is one of the nation’s leading political strategists and pollsters who is known for her cutting-edge research on social policies and has served as a tactician for candidates and issue campaigns at all levels of government. She discussed the ways to frame children’s issues within a political
    context, as well as the benefits of

For more information, visit or contact Margaret Brodkin, the founder and director of Funding the Next Generation, at (415) 794-4963 or email


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